Born in Washington D.C., U.S.A.

1970 B.Sc. Institute of Languages and Linguistics, Georgetown University, Washington,D.C.        

1974 B.F.A., Parsons School of Design, New York

1976-77 Avni Institute of Art, Tel Aviv

Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Solo Exhibitions

1982 Horace Richter Gallery, Jaffa
1983 Aleph Gallery, Tel Aviv
1986 Antea Gallery, Tel Aviv
1988 Aika Brown Gallery, Artist’s Studios, Talpiot, Jerusalem
The Gallery of the Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
1989 “Empathy with Artists”, Bogroshov Gallery, Tel Aviv
1992 Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1993 “The Tightrope Walker”, Oranim, Gallery of the Art School
1995 The Gallery of the Art Department, University of Haifa
2003 ‘JBL’, The Gallery of the Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv
2005 ‘Painting While Sleeping’, The Gallery of the Midrasha, Bet Berl
2007 More Sad than Angry’, Bet Michal Gallery for Israeli Art, Rechovoth
‘Bananafish Queen’, Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008 ‘U R My Destiny’, 5 Place 4 Art, Tel Aviv
2009 ‘Nightmares’, Oranim Art Institute, Israel
2010 ‘Applied Art’, The Municipal Art Gallery of Raanana, Israel
‘Include Me Out’, Artist’s House, Tel Aviv
2011 ‘Include Me Out’, New Artist’s Gallery, Kiryat Tivon
2017  ‘IF’, Dwek Gallery, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem
‘War Movies’, The Gallery at Kibbutz Givat Haim Ichud
‘Up Against the Wall’, Ha’Gada Hasmalit, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions

1984 “Soft, Hard”, Amanut La’Am, Bet Ariela, Tel Aviv
1987 “Art and Language”, Artist’s house, Yavne
1988 “Fresh Paint”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
“Sign, Shape, Language”, Kalisher Five, Tel Aviv
1989 “Feminine Presence”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1990 Asian – European Art Biennial, Ankara, Turkey
“Political Nature-Morte”, Painters and Sculptors Association, Tel Aviv
1991 “Writing as Image”, Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod
“Israeli Art Now, an Extensive Presentation”, Tel Aviv Museum
‘Images of the Grid in Israeli Painting’, Haifa University Gallery of Art
1992 “Routes of Wandering”, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
“Einblicke – Ausblicke –Junge Kunst aus Israel”, Liepzig, Bonn, Berlin
“Ornament – Personal Sources”, The New Art Workshop, Ramat Eliahu
1993 “Subtropical: Between Figuration and Abstraction”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
“Touching the Matter Touching the Spirit”, Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Books”, Kalisher Five, Gallery of the Kalisher School of Art, Tel Aviv
1995 “Beauty”, Antea Gallery, Jerusalem
1996 “Flesh and Word”, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill N.C.
“Femina Sapiens , Artists’ House, Jerusalem
“Visions of a New Morning”, Hambach Castle, Germany
1997 “Oh – Mama: Representations of the Mother in Israeli Contemporary Art”, The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan
1998 “Women Artists in Israeli Art”, Haifa Museum of Art
2000 “Getting Dressed”, Haifa Museum of Art
2001 “Imagine”, 300 Artists for Co-Existence, Abu Shakra Gallery, Uhm El Fahm
2002 “The Height of the Popular”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
“Grid Images in Israeli Art”, Haifa University Gallery of Art
2003 “Affirmative Action”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2004 “ Globalization and the Question of Israeli Art”, Time for Art, Israeli Art Center, Tel Aviv
“Yesh Gvul”, Haheder Gallery, Tel Aviv
“The 80’s in Israeli Art”, Oranim Academy of Education of the Kibbutz Movement
2005 ‘Hemdat Avot veEmahot’, Mercaz Hahansaha, Kiryat Tivon
“Liga”, International Woman’s Day, Hangar 26, Tel Aviv Port
2006 ‘Storytellers’, Haifa University Gallery of Art
2007 ‘Passing the Batonette’: Four Decades of Feminism in Israeli Art, Haifa Museum of Art
‘כוח 17’ – ‘Force 17’ – Municipal Gallery of Ramle and the New Ofakim Gallery
2008 ‘Check-Post: Art in Israel in the 1980s’, Haifa Museum of Art
‘Orientalism Now’, 5 Place 4 Art, Tel Aviv
‘7 Women Artists’, Barbour Gallery, Jerusalem
‘Love Signs’, The Israeli Children’s Museum, Holon
‘Bread and Roses’, in support of the project: ‘Work for Palestinian Women’
‘Me, Now’, The Gallery on the Cliff, Netanya
2009 ‘Big Spender’, The Left Bank and 5 Place 4 Art, Tel Aviv
‘Painter’s Camp’, Municipal Gallery for Contemporary Art, Ramle
‘Forbidden Books’, Artist’s House, Hedera
‘Liga’, Amiad Center, Jaffa
‘Mind the Cracks! Collages from the Museum and from Other Collections’, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2010 ‘Two-Faced’, Artist’s house, Hedera
‘Bread and Roses’, in support of the project: ‘Work for Palestinian Women’
‘A Piece of Cake’, Artist’s house, Tel Aviv
‘Contemporary’, Golconda Contemporary Gallery of Art, Tel Aviv
2011 ‘Lethal Lesbian – Her Body’, Rav Chen, Tel Aviv
‘11 September – To Commemorate Palestinian Request for Membership in the United Nations’, Halalit, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
‘Crimson Peels’, Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem
2012 Inaugural Exhibition MECA, Middle Eastern Center for the Arts, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
‘Story-Frame’, Municipal Gallery, Ra’anana
Women’s Tongue – Artists’ Books’, Antea Gallery, Jerusalem
2013 ‘Painter’s Camp’, Ramle Station for Contemporary Art, Ramle
‘Prize for Zionist Art – Limited Edition’, Halalit, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
‘Bread and Roses’, in support of the project: ‘Work for Palestinian Women’
‘Arab Blue’ with David Tartakover, Oranim Academy
‘Word, Image’, Oranim Academy
‘Connections’, The Israel Children’s Museum, Holon
2014 ‘Woven Consciousness’, Contemporary Textile in Israel, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
‘Chicago Triangle’, Haifa Museum of Art
2015 ‘From Andy Warhol till Today: the Culture, the Color, the Body’, Haifa Museum of Art
‘Repetitive Motifs in Ritual Objects and in Contemporary Art’, Mane-Katz Museum, Haifa
2016 ‘The Museum Presents Itself 2’, Israeli Art from the Museum Collection, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Painter’s Camp 2016′, Negev Museum of Art, Be’er Sheva


Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Israel Museum, Jerusalem

The Jewish Museum, New York